More About Me

I grew up in a SMALL town on the Kentucky/Tennessee state line where I learned the value of a handshake meant your word where lasting friendships were bonded over snowed-in conditions and that hard work meant working until the job was done or you ran out of daylight. My Career history was in customer service throughout various retail jobs until I found myself working for a Husband/Wife real estate team as an administrative assistant. I found the Non-routine aspect of Real Estate very inviting. The Myers were very active in their Community. They knew the trends of their local market had flexible schedules all the while making a good living for their family. I watched as they grew their business and decided that was the type of career I wanted. No limitations with hard work. However I wasn't ready to quit my "steady paycheck" Job. Years went by and after watching my Aunt and then both of my Parents get into the Business I finally made the leap of faith. In the fall of 1998 I started attending night classes at Kaplan University left the comfort of my then employer Walmart to pursue my new Career. I am proud to say I never looked back and I have Absolutely NO Regrets. I love this Career! My sincere desire to work Hard and be in service of others makes Real Estate a Great Career for me. From humble beginnings to blessing's beyond measure Life is Good!
So if your looking for a Realtor who knows the value of a dollar believe's in serving others and is willing to go the extra Mile in the most Exciting/Scary/Nerve wracking experience of your life I'm your Gal. Thank you for the Consideration and Blessings on the next chapter of your Life!